Top Interior Designers in Melbourne

interior designers

There are many types of interior designers Melbourne has to offer. From the highly functional to the aesthetically pleasing, these professionals will ensure that your home meets your needs. Trends in interior design are constantly changing and there are many upcoming designs you should know about. One of the hottest trends for 2020 is unique and bright colours. Choose bright colours that reflect your personality or use paint and wallpaper to create a tropical paradise. Here are some of the top interior designers Melbourne has to offer.

Highly-respected interior designer in Melbourne, has over twenty years of experience working across the continent. He holds a BA and a Masters in Interior Architecture and has been honoured with a Fellowship of the Design Institute of Australia in 2013. In 2001, he founded his own design studio and has worked tirelessly to establish his name as one of the country’s leading interior designers. A quick Google search should turn up a list of his previous projects.

Alexander Pollock is an interior design firm in Melbourne that offers residential and commercial clients. The firm combines design advice and interior installation with architectural planning to create stylish, comfortable spaces. Whether you want to create a classic-looking home or a modern-inspired office, these interior designers are sure to meet your expectations. These designers are renowned for their attention to detail and their unique aesthetic sense.

While hiring an interior designer Melbourne, it’s important to know what to expect from the cost. The fees of interior designers vary considerably. This includes the refinishing of timber floorboards, interior paint works, and a few new windows. A professional fee for an interior designer Melbourne can be as high as $8,000 or more, depending on the experience of the designer and the type of project.

Another top-rated interior design practice in Melbourne is Alexander Pollock Interior Design. This company features an impressive portfolio of interiors, with a focus on creativity and high-end finishes. Interior Design also features a wide range of styles. The firm is equally adept at designing a beach house as well as an inviting commercial space. They also offer exterior design services, and custom-made furniture. These interior designers Mornington are highly sought after, so make sure you check out their portfolio!